Lesson 9 – Forex Trading Hours

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One detail that can cause some confusion about the Forex may be that appropriate to the times of the financial markets, as it is always open but follows the special rules. For example, although it is open 24 hours on 24, the opening hours are considered by New Zealand, and the last to close the market is to New York. Apart from these details, it is very important to take into account:

  • The opening and closing hours of the markets in the major squares of finance

  • Of the overlay that is created between the squares

  • The time difference in the case of summer time

  • Time referred to by the broker that provides the platform with which you are working (this is one of the best)

  • The last point is unclear from when choosing a broker in order to be settled on the basis of this time, for the calculation of the close and open the price formation.

In addition to these points there would be another, which, however, we recommend you to take into account according to the currencies to which invested: the dates of national holidays during which it is expected the markets close. This may seem secondary, but if you think about the American holiday season in which it is in New York to close the square, these have effects on all other international markets, although in fact nothing happens. Many times the Forex prices move in reference to the provisions of the opening / reopening of US markets.

Why Are Forex Trading Hours Important?

Why Are Forex Trading Hours Important?

We have listed some elements to consider, but we have not revealed any reasons. Among the most important reasons to learn about the Forex opening hours are as follows:

To open or close a particular transaction must have a counterparty, for this reason, most operators are active and more likely to work there. To operate, it means carrying out operations of purchase and sale, so for those who want to sell it will be easier to find buyers.
The opening and closing is very important because in the first moments of opening the markets are particularly active, as in the past. The markets, in these moments, are often referred to “frantic”.
Some macroeconomic data is often (but not always!) Communicated to a few hours of the day, as a matter of custom. These can impact and not I put on the performance of currencies.

The Best Hours To Trade On Forex

The Best Hours To Trade On Forex

They are many operators to have taken as a reference several times to negotiate the financial markets of the currencies. These times are:

  • From 7 to 9 on the London and Tokyo markets

  • From 10 to 12:30 on London but not for the EUR / USD

  • From 14.30 to 19 on the London and New York Market

  • From 17 onwards New York

  • From 02:30 to 04:30 (at night) the Tokyo market

Usually the best days to negotiate are those infra week, especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This will allow you to work less jolts arising from the results of the previous week (for example linked to the stock market) and the following week forecasts. However, keep account of news stemming from the macro-economic situation of the countries and communities of the countries subject of the currency pair considered.

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