Lesson 4 – Choosing Your Forex Broker

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When you decide to trade on Forex as well as on all kinds of financial markets, it must be done through a broker or a bank. The intermediation part of these subjects is mandatory, as well as in most theoretically necessary. The reason is simple: these entities are allowed.

The difference between the electronic markets of the stock market and the Forex is the difficulty to find banks willing to invest on behalf of clients currencies, so if it is the Forex you are interested in 99% of cases you will have to contact an online broker . For years, for example, the only bank to have offered the possibility to operate on the Forex via its own platform was Fineco.


Today the situation has improved, but the competition with historical online brokers like Plus500 still sees a great gap in terms of operating costs and operational potential (range of choice, for example).

For years, due to the fact that online trading was practically relegated to foreign online broker, this was seen as an ambiguous practice. Today, however, is offered by many Italian companies, even by the Italian Post. The Italian Post Office is a major company, as well as Plus500 is a company listed on the London Stock Exchange and regulated properly by all European enforcement agencies. We have lost several years in which many could earn through the internet and could not do it because of misinformation.

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