Lesson 3 – Forex Brokers

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The Forex broker or “brokers” are the intermediaries between the currency market and small investors. In fact, as we saw in Lesson 1, the Forex market is not accessible to all but only to big investors subject, while for small parties there must be an intermediary such as a broker or a bank.

The choice of the broker so it is a very important step because it is lawful as well as intelligent wonder who you are entrusting their money. One on which we would like you focalizzaste here however is the word intermediary, as the broker word can also be used erroneously, or properly but the dishonest subjects (physical).



In online trading instead the operations take place in an automated way, so when you place an order you will not have to do with a person but with trading software that does not grant any kind of privilege to friends or relatives, has no ambitions to pocket more money possible, but it is simply a tool offered by brokers to make the place of purchase or sales orders.

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