Balance Credit Card Debt With Monthly Planning

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Spending money with credit cards is easy and can lead to exorbitant amounts of debt. However, with responsible use of credit cards and a balanced budget, consumers can take advantage of the convenience of using credit cards to make their purchases without worrying about having too much debt to pay off each month.

Strategy 1

strategy 1

The first strategy that helps to keep your use of credit cards in check is to create a balanced budget that dictates how much money you can put toward your credit cards each month. The next step is to stick to the limit listed in your budget. As long as you don’t go over this amount with your spending, you will be able to keep your bills reasonable.

Strategy 2

Another useful strategy when dealing with debt is to stagger your monthly payments on your credit card debt. Typically, consumers are requested to select their payment due date on new accounts. If you are just starting out with credit cards, you should try to select a payment due sate at the beginning of the month for one account and the middle of the month for a second account.

This strategy allows you to save up some money in between bills so that you can make your payment on time by the due date on the credit account. It also helps you to avoid missing your due date as well as making it possible for you to meet the minimum amount due on the account.

Strategy 3

Strategy 3

It is possible that you already have your credit cards and the due dates are similar on both accounts. If this is the case, you can select one account and try and have its due date changed. Most credit card companies are agreeable to this as long as you select one of their available billing dates.

Strategy 4

For more affordable monthly planning with your credit cards, you can designate one credit card for certain types of purchases only. This way, you can keep the balance small enough to allow yourself to have a credit card bill that you can pay in full each month


It’s important to maintain realistic goals for your spending habits in order to keep your debt manageable. Overspending is the fastest path to credit problems and too much debt. You should never spend more money than you earn in any given month if you want to keep your bills manageable.

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