Applying For A One Hour Loan

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In today’s economy people are stretching every dollar they make out to its fullest extent more than ever. What happens when all the dollars have been stretched to maximum capacity and you suddenly find yourself needing to pay for something? One hour loans are an excellent, short term solution to a pressing financial need.

What Are One Hour Loans?

what are one hour loans?

The key word there is short term. Due to the fact that one hour loan centers do not necessitate the same requirements as your local bank, it is practically up to them what interest rate you could be paying.

For example, a one hour loan in the amount of one hundred dollars may carry an annual interest rate that is almost half the amount you are borrowing. One caveat is to make absolutely sure you only borrow what you need and know that you can pay back what you are borrowing plus the interest.

How To Apply For A One Hour Loan?

How To Apply For A One Hour Loan?

Applying for a one hour loan is actually quite the easy process. Most centers only require some proof of income, such as a paystub or a bank statement.  When applying, bring the names and phone numbers of a couple of references with you. It’s unlikely but the center may call these references to vouch for your ability to pay back the loan.

Another thing you will need to inform them of when applying is when you get paid. Some one hour loan centers will work out a payment plan where you can pay off the balance of the loan over the course of a few paydays.

This will make things much more manageable for you, especially if the amount you are looking to borrow is higher than your weekly paycheck. The only warning with that is that you will have to pay continuing interest until the amount borrowed is paid back.

Bring your checkbook with you. If the center you are applying at does not offer that method, they will ask you to write a postdated check for the amount of the loan including the interest. On the date you have agreed upon, they will cash the check. This is excellent if you are borrowing a small amount. Then way you do not have to worry about continuing interest.


One hour loans are not the solution by any means to long term financial problems. They should be used more like a band aid to help make a hectic situation slightly less hectic.

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